By Air

Many international airlines fly directly to Manchester airport. It is a 20-minute journey by car from the city centre and UKEC Academy.


There are various train stations in Manchester which make getting around the UK very easy. London is only a 2-hour train journey and Edinburgh 3 and a half hours.


The national express station is a few minutes’ walk from Excel College in the centre of the city. You can use this service to arrive in Manchester and to get around the UK.

Tram & Bus

Use the buses or metro to get to and from UKEC Academy and also to help you get around the City. They are well-priced and very easy to use.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”simple”]Airport%20Transfer|Manchester%20Airport%20-%20one%20way%3A%20%C2%A360.00|Manchester%20Airport%20-%20return%3A%20%C2%A3100.00|Liverpool%20Airport%20-%20one%20way%3A%20%C2%A3100.00|Liverpool%20Airport%20-%20return%3A%20%C2%A3185.00|London%20Airports%20-%20one%20way%3A%20%C2%A3350.00[/vc_table]

Please indicate on your application form if you would like to book a transfer.

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