Stuck or Safe?

It goes without saying that we have all been spending more time at home than we had ever anticipated before. It’s amazing how changing one word can alter the way you think about this period. Instead of telling ourselves that we are “stuck” at home and feeling glum about it, what would happen if you told yourself that you are “safe” at home?

Many of us miss out on doing chores around the house, or even investing time in our hobbies because the rush of daily life gets in the way. This is your chance to do the things that you convince yourself that you don’t have time for!

Whether it’s DIY, gardening, gaming (or in my case, sewing), you can actively make the choice to spend your time as you want to. There are even more opportunities to learn online: languages, computer coding…sewing. I, myself, participated in an online sewing class last week. It was unusual, but it felt great to create an item of clothing with the support of a tutor whilst using my own machines and materials. I learnt new skills and made a great pair of culottes!

Sales of games consoles and associated products have reportedly experienced a spike in demand as people look for ways to spend their time at home more leisurely. Gaming is not one of my usual hobbies, but even I purchased a Nintendo Switch game to keep myself occupied. Gaming usually receives negative reviews and is seen as a waste of time, but the UK government has stated that gaming during this time can be beneficial to our mental health.

So, how are you choosing to spend your time?

A photo of my set-up, ready for my online sewing class.

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