English Level Test

On your first day at UKEC Academy part of your induction will include taking an English level test to see what your current level is and to determine which is the most suitable class for you. This test will include 50 multiple-choice questions which will assess your understanding and use of the language. You will also be asked to complete a writing task, as well as then speaking with a member of the Academic Management team. This time will also be used to discuss any learning goals that you have to ensure you receive the best possible support from our team.

If you live in Manchester and are interested in starting a course then you can try a lesson for free. You can come in at any time to discuss this with the team. We will then ask you to come in on a Monday (not including national holidays) at 09:30 where you can take our English test and then take your free lesson either in the afternoon or the next day. Contact us today in order to book your level test. You will need to bring proof of ID and proof of your right to study in the UK.

You can take our online English test by following the link below. There are 30 questions and it will take approximately 20 minutes. After you have finished we can recommend the best course option available for you at UKEC Academy.

This is a guide only. You will also be tested on your first day to ensure that you are studying the best course for you and given the best support.  

If you don’t have time to do the test then why not contact us for more information about the best English course for you.