Coronavirus – Staying Calm and Connected during your Course

Coronavirus is affecting all aspects of all of our lives. We need to make changes and adapt to survive this together. Studying is no different, but this doesn’t mean you are alone! UKEC Academy is here to help and support you. Read on to find out how…

Keep it real

Coronavirus is a highly contagious (infectious) virus which is spreading quickly everywhere. It’s easy to get really anxious about it and panic as the 24 hour news keeps updating us on the latest ‘facts’ and figures. However, it’s important to stay calm and follow official (or real) advice from official sources through governments, health services and trusted news channels; do not rely on social media. In the UK, see daily updates from Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Coronavirus

Keep calm and carry on studying (online!)

In the meantime, as you all know, your studies are continuing online starting this week. This is a big change for everyone (teachers included!), but it’s necessary to keep everyone safer. Teachers are connecting with students making video calls using Microsoft Teams; we can chat, share links, documents and images with you. If you want teachers to mark your homework and writing, this can also be done through this programme. Let’s all be patient and understanding as we adapt to these big changes!

Top 7 Tips for Continuing Your Studies with us

These ideas will help you stay connected and make the most of your studies with us:

1. Tutor Support

Remember, you are not alone and we are here to support you at this difficult time. If you feel lonely, stressed or want to talk about your course, accomodation or anything else, please contact your personal tutor who can help you with any problems or questions you may have.

2. MyUKEC & Online Resources

Our online learning portal MyUKEC continues as normal. You need your username and password to log on – speak to your personal tutor if you have any issues with this. When logged on, you will see there is a huge range of learning material on grammar, skills, pronunciation for general and exam English, including IELTS. There are also links to radio programmes, youtubers, games and much more – now is the time to explore MyUKEC! Of course, there is English File: You can also search Google or ask your teacher or tutor for more recommendations. 

3. Free classes with UKEC+

Every Wednesday at 1.45pm and 4.15pm, Jane runs a free class for one hour on topics of your choice. The next two are on speaking and writing. Ask your personal tutor for more information and sign up today. Why not suggest a new topic for next term? 

4. Private Classes

You can have a one-to-one class with a teacher which focusses on what you need help with. If you are interested in this, then contact your personal tutor who can arrange this. Classes will be online using Microsoft Teams.

5. Virtual Visits

We can still ‘visit’ places together! Hazel will be organising online or virtual trips to galleries, museums and other places of interest every Thursday. Look out for these on our social media or ask your personal tutor for more information. How about suggesting ideas of other places we could see and discuss as a group?

6. Classmate Connections

Keep in touch with your UKEC Academy friends. It’s important to support each other with English studies, advice and friendship.

7. Have a laugh!

Maybe this is a British thing, but in hard times, it is important to laugh. Of course, this is a serious situation, but after the constant negative news and stress, we need to let go of some anxiety by sharing a joke, having fun and doing the things we enjoy at home or online. 

Keep calm and carry on.

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