Care of Under 18's at UKEC Academy

Information for parents/guardians of students under 18

UKEC Academy welcomes students from all over the world. While most of our students are adults, we also accept students aged 16 and 17 on all our courses.

The Academy does not provide 24-hour supervision. Students aged 16 and 17 will study in classes with adults, and will stay with homestay hosts, unless we have written confirmation from the parents/guardians of alternative arrangements. There may be other students, possibly adults, in the homestay.


  • We strongly advise parents to book our airport transfer service. All students under 18 must bring a completed parental travel consent form with them to the UK.
  • Your child will usually need to use public transport to get to and from the Academy. Their host will show them how to reach the Academy on their first day. Please make sure your child has money for public transport. Manchester has got bike routes. If your child wishes to travel by bicycle, please contact us and we will provide some information about the safest ways to travel by bike and the safety equipment required(e.g. helmet).

Food and drinks

  • UKEC Academy does not have a café or restaurant; your child will have to provide their own lunch. Please make sure that your child has money for food and drink.
  • There are lots of shops and places to eat near the Academy on their first day we will show your child some good places to get food. There are snacks and bottled water available to buy at reception.
  • Your child’s homestay host will provide breakfast and evening meals.

At the Academy

  • Under 18s must attend every lesson and must be on time.
  • Under 18s cannot take holidays or days off without parental consent.
  • If your child is absent from the academy we will try to contact them. If we cannot contact them, we will try to contact the parents/guardians and, if necessary, inform the Police.

After class

  • After class your child is very welcome to join the school’s social activities, relax in the common areas, or use our IT/self-study room.
  • Your child will not be supervised during their free time, that is between the end of their lesson and returning to their homestay. The Academy will give advice on how to stay safe during these times.

Social activities

  • UKEC Academy provides a variety of optional social activities. These are a good way for your child to socialise, to experience Manchester and to practise their English.
  • Not all social activities are suitable for under 18s, but we will make sure that there are a variety of activities available for your child during their stay.
  • All social activities are supervised, but your child will have to make their own way home after the activity. We recommend getting a taxi if the activity finishes in the evening.
  • Social activities are not included in the course fees.

Evenings and weekends

Your child’s homestay host will provide dinner every evening. 16 or 17 year olds must be back at their homestay by 22.00 Sunday to Thursday, or by 23.00 Friday and Saturday.

Some social activities take place at the weekend but at all other times your child will be unsupervised. The Academy suggests local events and activities for students to enjoy at the weekend.

Care and Support

UKEC Academy is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment for all students, and particularly for under 18s.

Your child will receive an induction on their first day, which includes a tour of the local area and advice on staying safe in the Academy and in Manchester. They will have regular welfare meetings with the student services team and regular tutorials with their teacher.

The Academy has a safeguarding policy and all staff have received appropriate safeguarding training.

If your child needs any help while they are at UKEC Academy, they should come and speak to us. They can speak to the Admissions and Student Services officer, the Academic Manager, the Accommodation Officer, the Principal, their teacher or their homestay host.

Important phone numbers:

UKEC Academy reception: 0161 2365551

UKEC Academy 24-hour emergency number: 07882 974490

Police/fire/ambulance: 999

Good safety tips for your child:
Keep emergency numbers saved to your child’s phone. Advise them to charge their mobile before they go out.
Don’t allow them to carry a lot of cash.
If they’re going out alone in the evening, tell them to let a friend know where they’re going and when they expect to be back. Advise them not to walk alone at night and check what the safest way is. If possible, try to travel with friends.
Keep important documents and passport locked away somewhere safe.


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