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British Bank Holidays

Written by Fran

In the UK every year there are 8 set days which are…


International Nurses Day 2020

Written by Fran

Now more than ever… READ MORE

Stuck or Safe?

Written by Vikki

It goes without saying…. READ MORE

Coronavirus – Staying Calm and Connected during your Course

Written by Jane

Coronavirus is affecting all….. READ MORE

International Women’s Day

Written by Jane

Did you learn about…. READ MORE

How to improve your confidence when speaking English

Written by Alex

Do you feel nervous when…. READ MORE

My Time in Manchester and at UKEC Academy

Written by Janna

Hi Everyone…. I am Janna and I…. READ MORE

Blue Monday

Written by Vikki

January always seem like…. READ MORE

My time in Manchester and at UKEC Academy

Written by Emeline

Hi, my name is Emeline…. READ MORE

Well-being in Winter

Written by Fran

The winter months in the UK….. READ MORE

Halloween & Bonfire Night

Written by Charlotte 

Autumn is a season famous for…. READ MORE

Social Programme

ukec Students walking in Castlefield

Written by Fran

Social activities are often an… READ MORE

No deal Brexit: What is it, how will it affect me?

Written by James 

A no deal Brexit is a very scary…. READ MORE

Rain Rain Go Away!

Written by Alex

It is fair to say that the British… READ MORE

UKEC Academy’s Top 5 Books to Improve your English

Written by Charlotte 

There’s nothing better than…. READ MORE

Manchester Day 2019

Written by Charlotte 

Manchester Day is an annual event that… READ MORE

Theresa May Announces Resignation

Written by Charlotte 

It hasn’t been an easy few months for Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom…. READ MORE

Top 5 places to visit under an hour away from Manchester

UKEC Academy blog

Written by Alex

The weather in Manchester is beautiful this spring….READ MORE

My time in the UK

Written by Yohani

I’m Yohani and I’m Srilankan-French. Here is my story about…READ MORE


Manchester – the world capital of football


Written by Danny

Manchester is synonymous with football and…READ MORE


Written by Rachel

The days are brighter, the air is fresher, the …READ MORE

Mother’s Day

mothers day 5

Written by Alex

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the….READ MORE

Eat well for less

Written by Josh

When I was a student….READ MORE

My experience in Manchester

Manchester bee

Written by Gaelle (France)

My name is Gaelle, I am 18 years old and I...READ MORE