Accreditation's & Memberships

UKEC Academy is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English. This ensures that quality courses, accommodation, welfare and service are provided by accredited members. UKEC Academy was inspected by the British Council in February 2016 and had a spot check in August 2016 when we starting to enrol students from 16. UKEC Academy are members of English UK and English UK North.

“The school has an ethos of continuing improvement”

“The very pleasant environment and the good range of appropriate learning materials and resources both support and enhance students’ studies”

“Care of students and Accommodation are areas of strength.”

Prior to being called UKEC Academy the school was named Excel College English & IELTS Academy. Below are the previous inspection reports.

Full British Council Inspection February 2016: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

British Council Spot Check August 2016: CLICK HERE TO VIEW


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