UKEC Academy Mission Statement & Policies

UKEC Academy Mission Statement 

UKEC Academy provides an all-round learning experience for students looking to improve their English language and communication skills. Our purpose is to offer high-quality courses that help students to improve their overall English level and/or prepare for academic exams or university. We also aim to give our students an insight into British culture and the other cultures of our students.

Our goal is to:

  • Ensure that our courses are practical and relevant to the individual needs and interests of our students.
  • Embrace different learning styles and reflect this in the types of lessons delivered.
  • Create an environement where our teachers work in partnership with our students to regularly assess students’ progress and help guide them to achieve their learning goals.
  • Put a high priority on the welfare of our students and endeavour to provide an environment in which any students can approach our staff to receive support where needed.
  • Offer free guidance and support to students who wish to study at UK universities, through our sister company, UKEC.
  • Promote British culture and the other cultures of our students
  • Offer outstanding value for money by pricing ourselves competitively in the local market while at the same time providing a high quality, beneficial and enjoyable all round learning experience.

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