Academy Calendar

The year at UKEC Academy is split into 4 terms:

  • Term 1: 4th January – 1st April
  • Term 2: 6th April – 25th June
  • Term 3: 29th June – 17th September
  • Term 4: 20th September –  16th December

Teacher Training Days:

  • 26 June
  • 17 December

Each term is approximately 12 weeks and students should expect to progress to the next level after 12 weeks on a full time course. This is not definite for every student and other factors will determine your progress including attitude, attendance, application in class, doing your homework, self study and attending regular social activities.


Please see the Academy Calendar (above) for dates of Public Holidays and other dates that the Academy is closed. Please note that the Academy does not make up classes lost as a result of public holidays.

If you wish to take a holiday, you must advise the Admissions Team in writing by the Thursday of the week before your holiday. Please note that we do not give refunds for holiday periods, but you can extend your course. The maximum holiday extension is 2 weeks for every 12 weeks of study.

The Academy cannot guarantee to place you in the same class group or accommodation when you return from holiday.


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